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At Motorway Belts we have a wide range of batteries to fit all vehicles.

We have batteries for Smart Car's all the way up to batteries for Transits and bigger.

We also have a selection of batteries for Motorbikes, Scooters and Jet Ski's.

All our batteries are heavy duty and so come with either a 3yr or 4yr guarantee.

All our batteries come fully charged and ready for fitment.

At Motorway Belts we offer a free fitment service on batteries purchased from us.

We also have the ability to test any batteries that you may have suspicions as being faulty.

Click on the Platinum Batteries image above to check what battery is recommended for your vehicle.

Once you have found the correct battery for your vehicle using the link above, Click HERE for our prices.

So whether its to get a free battery check or to purchase a new one, pop in and see us...!!